2019 Aug – ISH 2019, Budapest

Converting an existing transmission overhead line to HVDC (high voltage direct current) operation is one possible option to boost power transfer capability for the European Power Grid. Electric transport and home heating will require this and other solutions to meet increased electricity demand. This solution can boost line-power transfer by about x 2, while keeping the environmental impact almost unchanged.

Davide Pinzan has dedicated part of his research to DC conversion technical problems by providing a comprehensive methodology for conversion and applying it to a case study. His paper Insulation Solutions for HVAC to HVDC Conversion of a High Voltage Transmission Overhead Line: the L7 Tower Case Study was accepted for publication in Springer Nature and he presented his related poster at the International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2019) – the most important conference on high voltage engineering research – in Budapest, Hungary.

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