Luis Orellana

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Project 7: Development of tools for the analysis of the stability of offshore AC grids and grids rich in power electronic converters Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya

I am an Electromechanical Engineer from Bolivia. I have more than 4 years’ experience in developing high voltage electricity projects and analysing the Bolivian and neighbouring countries’ power systems at the largest stakeholder in generation, transmission and distribution in the Bolivian electricity sector.

Last year I obtained my MSc in Electrical Energy Systems at Cardiff University. At that time this proved to be my biggest academic challenge. This was the first time I had moved abroad to pursue a higher education degree in a language other than my mother tongue. During this time, my research project supervisor put forward the challenge of publishing a research paper on my dissertation topic. During the process I realised that it was something that could be done only with great dedication and effort.

Recently, I presented my work titled “Fast Frequency Support Control in the GB Power System using VSC-HVDC Technology” at the 7th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies European conference in Turin, Italy.

During the development of my work, I understood the high penetration of HVDC technologies into AC power systems, mostly to connect large off-shore wind farms. This has an impact over the system stability by decoupling the inertia stored in the rotating mass of generators. This effect was something I achieved to mitigate in my work by designing a frequency support control scheme over the HVDC-VSC converters.

The opportunity presented as an Early State Researcher is very exciting and challenging. By being trained in specialised software, I have simulated, averaged and switched HVDC-VSC models in MATLAB and PSCAD and validated them in an experimental test rig. I believe that I can contribute to the InnoDC project both with my academic and professional experience. Moreover, I am very enthusiastic about developing my knowledge and new skills.

There is plenty of research to still be done, such as the one I would like to undertake. I believe the future of HVDC technologies is quite promising and a key enabler towards the integration of renewable energy.

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