2019 May – Network meeting, Denmark

DTU Wind Energy, Roskilde, hosted InnoDC’s spring 2019 meeting, 13 – 16 May.

Visiting Scientists
Dr Walid Ziad El-Khatib of Vattenfall: ‘Electrical Design & Grid Connection of OWPPS’.
Prof Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University: ‘Reliable Power Electronic Based Power System’.

Dr Ömer Gökso, DTU: ‘Wind Power FRT’.
Dr Kaushik Das, DTU: ‘Hybrid Power Plants’.
Dr Tuhfe Göçmen, DTU: ‘Big Data in Wind Energy’.
Prof Paul Sørensen, DTU: ‘Generic Wind Power Models’.
Dr Nikola Vasilijevic, DTU: ‘Research Data Management’.
Prof Nicolaos Cutululis, DTU: ‘Introduction to Wind Power’.
Dr Matti Koivisto, DTU: ‘Variablity & Uncertainty in Wind Power’.
Associate Professor Niels-Erik Clausen, DTU: ‘Wind Farm Planning’.
Associate Professor Anca D Hansen, DTU: ‘Wind Power Plant Capabilities’.

Tour of DTU Wind Energy’s large scale facility and wind tunnel.
Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Farm, Copenhagen harbour. The 11-ladder climb to the top of a wind turbine was definitely worth it!

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