2019 Sept – JJ School of Education, India

After attending the Large-Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in India conference, Anubhav Jain spent a few days with family and friends. However, just 2 days before returning to Denmark, he came up with the idea of organising an educational visit. He made a few telephone calls and was fortunate to be invited – on the day of his flight – to the JJ School of Education in Farrukhnagar, Haryana (India).

He explained to pupils why renewable energy integration is essential, given the increasing demands and rising pollution levels – especially in a rapidly developing country like India. Then he described how a wind turbine reduces electricity costs, without the equivalent pollution of a coal-fired plant.

All the students were fully-focused, with an approximate 50/50 female/male audience. He was impressed with their attitude, and said the pupils asked him questions that he would not have considered at their age. He later enjoyed an interesting discussion with the students, teachers, other workers and managers, on the technical challenges and problems of solar-PV (photovoltaic) and wind turbines in rural India.   

He said “this experience was very motivating for me, and instilled in me a drive to further my efforts to contribute to solving the energy crisis, while learning from the best experts in the world, in the hope of bringing that knowledge back to India. Also, it made me realise the importance of social outreach, that educating and increasing awareness in the most remote/rural sections of society is essential for complete energy solidarity. Without them, the goals of projects such as InnoDC would not be 100% complete”.

Thanks to Anubhav’s brother, Abhinav Jain, for his professional photography.

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