Webinars, Peng Yang

Peng Yang summarises below webinars he has found useful, some of which you can watch on the links.

~ Machine Learning – Stanford University, Andrew Ng. Useful for beginners in machine learning algorithms. Watch here.

~ Programming with Python I Python for Beginners – Microsoft. Useful for those wishing to learn python for their projects. Watch here.

~ Online Technical Training in Power Electronics – Electronics Minds. The webinar series discusses almost all aspects of power electronics design. Request access to the webinar series here.

~ Short Circuit Protection for SiC with Isolated Gate Drivers – Analog Devices, Inc. Introduces the gate driver design method to protect SiC MOSFET from damage when short circuit happens. Read the presentation here.

~ Comprehensive System Design with GaN – GaN Systems. The webinar reviews practical system designs with GaN, demonstrating EMI, surge, thermal, and drive circuit performance. Examples illustrate that proper system design meets desired system requirements. Watch here.

~ Tips & Tricks on Double-Pulse Testing for Power Electronics – ROHDE & SCHWARZ. Intended for engineers working on power electronics design and test. It discusses the double-pulse test method. This is an extremely reliable verification method for converter designs, including switching losses, switching characteristics for all operating modes, and switching times and energies. Register to watch here.

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