2021 June & July – PowerTech Madrid

InnoDC attended PowerTech Madrid 2021, sponsored by IEEE* and organised by Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Daniel Westerman Spier presented ‘Optimal current reference calculation for MMCs considering converter limitations’ during the HVDC Technology I session, which InnoDC supervisor, Carlos Ugalde-Loo chaired. Daniel’s paper was based on his publication in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, which you can read here.

Vaishally Bhardwaj presented her paper ‘Risk-based preventive-corrective security constrained optimal power flow for ac/dc grid’ during the ‘Simulation and control II’ session chaired by  Prof Aurelio García-Cerrada.

The session was very interactive, involving discussions on all the presented papers.

* IEEE: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

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