2020 March – Network meeting, Cardiff

The Covid-19 situation meant most of the Cardiff network meeting sessions were postponed. However, visiting lecturer, Prof Dragan Jovcic, shared his detailed slides so the researchers could prepare for his future lecture.

InnoDC was due to present to the Welsh Government and the Crown Estate (responsible for the offshore wind-farm leasing rounds in Wales, Northern Ireland and England). The government’s Offshore and Transmission Energy Policy head, Heledd Cressey, had forwarded two useful reports, Future Potential for Offshore Wind in Wales and Benefits of Floating Offshore Wind to Wales and the South West. The researchers look forward to discussing these with the government representatives at a later date

National HVDC Centre (Scotland) & Cardiff University webinar:
Dr Tibin Joseph, Prof Jun Liang and Dr Ugalde-Loo of Cardiff University teamed up with Simon Marshall and Daniel Adeuyi of the HVDC Centre to bring over 125 European researchers together for a webinar on HVDC challenges in meeting current GB Grid Code in a weak network. Dr Joseph delivered an excellent presentation covering the state of high voltage direct current (HVDC) in the UK, future additions, challenges, possible solutions, modelling techniques and the on-going process of developing the grid codes. The InnoDC researchers took part in the question & answers with leaders in their field, from industry and academia. Anubhav Jain, Peng Yang, Wei Liu and Stephen Hardy compiled the webinar information and recorded it for InnoDC’s future reference.

Research update presentations:
Wei Liu, Gayan Abeynayake and Peng Yang organised and chaired the InnoDC work package presentations by Skype to an audience of 27 people. This proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience in time-management and presenting work succinctly. Each InnoDC researcher was allocated just 4 minutes to explain the most crucial aspects of their latest findings, followed by 2 minutes of questions. The whole session concluded with 30 minutes of general discussion and more questions involving the supervisors, guests and researchers.

Committee meeting:
The InnoDC committee members met by Skype where David Pinzan joined as researcher representative. He relayed the researchers’ questions, contributed to discussions and drafted minutes.

Dr Sumit Mistry ‘Time & work-management’.
Prof Jun Liang ‘DC collection system of offshore wind’.
InnoDC presentation to the Welsh Government and the Crown Estate.
Dr Carl Barker of GE ‘HVDC grid protection’ and ‘DC grid power flow controllers’.
Prof Max Munday ‘Socio-economic aspects of wind power generation and transmission’.
Dr Thomas Bjork, GE Head of Strategy & Product Management, Grid Solutions ‘GE careers’.
MEDOW project workshop delivered by Drs Marc Cheah, Agusti Egea Alvarez, Gen Li and Tibin Joseph.
IEEE PES & PELS distinguished lecture, Prof Dragan Jovcic, University of Aberdeen ‘MMC and DC transformers’.

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