Stephen Hardy

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Project 12: Cost effective solutions for offshore transmission CG Holdings Belgium

I am a Canadian from Victoria British Columbia.  I began my career in the electrical industry in 2001 as an apprentice electrician at the dockyards on Vancouver Island Canada.  There, I got the opportunity to work on a whole range of different ships’ electrical systems including the HMCS Victoria, a diesel submarine.  After completing my apprenticeship in 2007 I moved to Montreal Quebec Canada to do a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Concordia University.  In my final year at Concordia I was accepted into the Institute of Electrical Power Engineers and specialized in electrical power systems with a focus on renewable energy.

Following graduation, I moved to Saskatchewan Canada to take a position with Dynamo Electric.  With Dynamo I trained as a commissioning engineer for power infrastructure.  Since Dynamo I have gained further experience with renewable energies with positions in both Malawi Africa and Japan.  In 2016, I decided to further my education and complete a Master’s degree in Mathematical modelling for science and engineering at the UAB in Barcelona, Spain.  My MSc thesis was performed on the wake interaction of wind turbines at the Barcelona Super Computing Centre.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, learning Japanese and discovering new delicious food and drink.  I also enjoy web and mobile app development.  I am truly passionate about renewable energies, particularly wind power, and hope to contribute meaningfully to the development and deployment of this technology.  Since the moment I learned of the prospect of a European super grid, I wanted desperately to be a part of such an incredible project.  I am truly thrilled to join InnoDC, and have the opportunity to do so within such a highly skilled environment.  I look forward to all the innovative research that will come out of the project, as well as meeting the new friends and colleagues that I will have the opportunity to collaborate with.

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