Webinars, Francisco Javier Cifuentes García

Below are examples of webinars Francisco Javier Cifuentes García has attended, some of which link to the recording.

~ Machine-learning: Bias In, Bias Out.
~ Royal Belgian Society for Electricians – “Balancing the grid”.
~ Energyville PhD career days 2021 – From PhD to company/startup.
~ SMA Storage Systems: Flexible Solutions for On-Grid Applications.
~ Sunny Central Storage battery inverters (Components & Virtual Support).
~ Rapid Control Prototyping for Power Electronics Control Design. Watch the recording.
~ G-PST/ESIG Webinar Series: Survey of Grid-Forming Inverter Applications. Watch the recording.
~ Loren Shure MasterClass: Advanced Programming Techniques in MATLAB. See videos and webinars.
~ G-PST/ESIG Webinar Series: Is “Grid Forming” Enough: What Do Electricity Grids Need From IBR? Watch the session.
~ ESIG – Meteorology & Market Design for Grid Services Workshop – Impacts of Forecasting on Operations. Watch the session.

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