SP Energy Networks & Wei Liu

Wei Liu transferred from InnoDC to Angle DC between July and September 2020. The Angle DC Scottish Power Energy Networks project is funded by OFGEM (the energy regulator for Great Britain) through the Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC). It aims to create a controllable DC link between the Isle of Anglesey and North Wales. Such a conversion is Britain’s first Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) link converted from Alternating Current (AC) into DC operation. It will increase the existing network’s power capacity by 23% and significantly promote system flexibility. The project is building confidence in other British distribution network operators deploying MVDC technologies and in triggering the MVDC supply chain.

Wei conducted research on protection and impedance modelling for the new MVDC link. By transferring his experience gained from InnoDC to Angle DC, he accomplished the tasks successfully and delivered feasible outcomes for the industrial partner. At the same time, the collaboration extended his knowledge from HVDC to the MVDC domain, which has broadened his PhD research scope and will benefit his career. 

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