2019 Sept – Network meeting, Elia, Brussels

Elia hosted InnoDC’s autumn meeting at its headquarters in Brussels.

Visiting scientist:
Pierre Bernard, Friends of Sustainable Grids: ‘Policy Implications of offshore grids’.

Dirk van Hertem, KU Leuven: ‘Building the grid for the future’.
Stephen Hardy, CG: ‘Smart solutions for offshore substations’.

Workshops & seminars:
‘Present science with impact’, Hans Van de Water of The Floor is Yours.
‘How to write scientific papers’, Dr Christien Franken, English for Professionals.
‘New challenges for stability of power systems and Elia’s role’, Olivier Bronckart & Fortunato Villella of the National Control Centre.

Belgium’s National Control Centre.

Public work:
32nd Science Projects Workshop, Future Classroom Lab: Motaz Ayiad & Stephen Hardy delivered a workshop to European science teachers.
33rd Science Projects Workshop, Future Classroom Lab: Vaishally Bhardwaj & Nathalia Campos delivered a workshop to European science teachers.

Videos for the public:
Media Facilities filmed the researchers explaining their work by Work Package. Click on the links to see the results:
WP1: Components of DC grids & wind farms.
WP2: Connection of offshore wind farms.
WP3: Interactions between AC & DC grids.

Committee meeting:
The InnoDC committee members met, with Nathalia Campos and Luis Orellana jointly representing the other researchers. They took minutes and joined in discussions, while taking turns to film their work package videos.

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