Vattenfall & Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain‘s secondment at Vattenfall was cut short due to the pandemic. However, at the end of his InnoDC contract, Vattenfall invited him to work for five months at their Kolding premises. The timing was perfect since the next step of his PhD aligned with Vattenfall’s interest in blackstart and islanding capabilities of offshore wind-power plants. He was grateful to Dr Jayachandra Sakamuri (Vattenfall) and to Prof Nicolaos Cutululis (DTU) for encouraging these additional months of industrial collaboration.

He began his Vattenfall contract in February 2021. He has found it fascinating and encouraging (although sometimes intimidating!) to see how much effort goes into every decision – big or small – involving a diverse group of experts. Planning his tasks in detail, while keeping in mind the project scope, is superb experience in project planning, whether for industry or academia.

To introduce himself to Vattenfall, he presented his work to an audience of 35, ranging from engineers to managers. He was pleased to receive feedback that the content was well-balanced, with enough technical detail (so as not to bore the engineers), while not alienating the non-scientists with excessive jargon. Watch his presentation below.

Since then, he has been busy with different tasks, such as model-type testing, in addition to his main project on grid-forming wind turbines. He participated in Vattenfall’s meetings to discuss the National Grid GB GC0137 Workgroup Consultation, ‘Minimum Specification Required for Non-mandatory Provision of GB Grid Forming (GBGF) Capability’. He felt appreciated and motivated that Vattenfall involved him in the discussions and included his technical contributions in the response to National Grid.

In the meantime, he is recording the changing seasons with his photography.

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