Nathalia Campos

Project: Dynamic stability of power systems with high penetration of power electronic-based interfaces at ELIA  and Innovation@Elia (16 July 2018 – 21 August 2020).

Watch her work package 3 short video and read the work package reports.

Conference presentations and posters:
HVDC Colloquium, KU Leuven, Aug 2019.
HVDC Colloquium, UPC, Barcelona, Sept 2018.

PowerPoint presentations:
Stability studies using EMT and RMS models of VSC converts (slides) Aug 2020.
Simulation of Power Systems for Transient Stability Studies (10 min video) Aug 2019.

Policy related work:
Science Projects Workshop -Future Classroom Lab, Brussels, Sept 2019.
EU Sharing Inspiration, Brussels, March 2019.

Public work:
European Researchers’ Night, international, Sept 2019.
Elia Initiative Fair, Brussels, Dec 2018.
Secondary school, Figueres, May 2018.

KU Leuven, summer 2019.

HVDC webinars on EMT interaction studies using simulation tools (2020); ACDC international conference, Coventry (2019);  BIN@Porto (2018). Elia: Innovation Week (2019), French (2018-19).  KU Leuven: Research Integrity (2020), Supervising a Master’s Thesis (2019).  Network meetings: Cardiff University (2020), Elia (2019), DTU (2019), Uporto & Efacec (2018) and UPC (2018).  

I am an electrical engineer from Brazil and I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil in 2018.  As an undergraduate student, I worked as part of the Power Systems Research Group for three years in my home university.  I studied controlled switching techniques applied to transmission lines using the real-time RTDS simulator.  Being involved early on in these projects sparked my interest to pursue a career in power systems research.

During my undergraduate studies I was awarded the Science without Borders scholarship to study at the University of Manitoba, Canada from 2014 to 2015.  There I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Power Systems Laboratory.  My research consisted of the study of the fault ride through performance of a wind power plant when connected to weak grids.

In 2016 I was awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for pursuing a master’s degree in France.  I completed the Master 2 in Electrical Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Lille 1, where I ranked first in the class.  My thesis covered the design of an energy-based control for an MMC-HVDC point-to-point link focusing on the case of the link as an overhead line.

I am working at Elia System Operator in Brussels and pursuing a PhD degree at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) of KU Leuven.

What made me want to join the InnoDC Project was its focus area and the opportunity to be a part of a large collaborative network of researchers committed to the study of renewable energy and HVDC.  These are important topics today and they will become even more important for future power systems.  I see this project as an excellent learning opportunity to further develop my skills and knowledge in the field, and to apply my previous experiences.

My research interests include power system modelling, HVDC transmission systems, renewable energy generation modelling and power system stability problems.  In my free time I enjoy travelling, cycling and exercising.


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