2020 Oct – Network meeting, Barcelona

Due to the pandemic situation, the Cinergia & UPC network meeting in Barcelona took place virtually. Nonetheless, InnoDC’s Barcelona-based researchers, Luis, Jovana, Saman and Daniel helped organise a busy week’s training. All the researchers took part in the following.

Offshore & Floating Wind Europe digital conference & exhibition, Reuters.

KU Leuven:
Click on the titles to read Jef Beerten’s presentation Covid-19 Impact on the Power System and Hakan Ergun’s What can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic for the renewable energy transition? And read the report Sharing Knowledge on Electrical Energy Industry’s First Response to Covid-19.

Red Eléctrica de Espaňa:
Luis Coronado presented the experience of the project INELFE, the 2 x 1000 MW VSC-HVDC interconnection between France and Spain, then answered questions on the future needs and challenges for the HVDC industry.

IREC Catalonia Institute for Energy Research:
José Luis Dominguez-Garcia (Head of Power Systems) delivered the workshops How to Work Remotely and Web-based Collaborative Tools.

InnoDC lecture to MSc students:
Click on the title to read about their lecture: Grid Integration of Renewables.

Cinergia day:
Daniel Westerman Spier explained ‘MMC (modular multilevel converter) modelling and applications’ and his role at Cinergia.
Gabriel Gross, R&D Senior Engineer, described two projects developing and fabricating MMCs at Lille (France) – the 2nd project evolving from the 1st, moving from half-bridge converter to full bridge.
Miquel Teixido, Director & Sales Manager, shared his experience from engineer to company director and how Cinergia had developed since 2008. He then took us on a virtual tour of the premises. Watch the video!

Committee meeting:
Jovana Dakic presented a report, outlining how the researchers had adapted to Covid-related disruptions, and suggested solutions, such as data exchanges in place of on-site secondments.

Work package updates:
Daniel Westerman Spier, Emily Maggioli and Anubhav Jain chaired a three-hour session based on research update videos. This involved strict time-management, co-ordinating questions & answers and monitoring the chat column. See below for the presentation topics.

Work package 1: Components of DC grids and wind farms
Stephen Hardy – ‘Cost effective solutions for offshore transmission’ (pre-published confidential).
Peng Yang – video below & PDF ‘A Step-by-step Modelling Approach for SiC MOSFETs Half-bridge Modules Considering Temperature Characteristics’.
Motaz Ayiad – video below & PDF ‘Enhancement to SCADA/EMS for hybrid AC/DC networks’.
Daniel Westerman Spier – video below & PDF ‘Optimal current reference calculation for MMCs considering converter limitations’.
Davide Pinzan – video below & PDF ‘Performance of Composite Outdoor Insulator Under Superimposed Direct and Switching Impulse Voltages’.

Work package 2: Connection of offshore wind farms
Jovana Dakic – ‘Tools for analysis of novel concepts of transmission systems for offshore wind power plants’ (pre-published confidential).
Luis Orellana – ‘Development of tools for the analysis of the stability of offshore AC grids and grids rich in power electronic converters’ (pre-published confidential).
Gayan Abeynayake
– video below and PDF ‘A Multi-State Systems Markov Model for the Reliability Evaluation of Large Scale Offshore Wind Farms considering Network Dependencies’.
Anubhav Jain – video below and PDF ‘Blackstart & Islanding Capabilities of Offshore Wind Power Plants’.

Work package 3: Hybrid AC/DC grid
Saman Dadjo Tavakoli – ‘Robust Multivariable Control Design for an MMC-based HVDC Link’ (pre-published confidential).
Emily Maggioli – ‘AC/DC Interactions with Focus on Power System Protection Performance’ (pre-published confidential).
Vaishally Bhardwaj – ‘Reliable operation of hybrid AC/DC power systems in different time frames under uncertainty’ (pre-published confidential).
Wei Liu – video below and PDF ‘Operation and Control of an HVDC Circuit Breaker with Current Flow Control’.

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