Peng Yang

Project: Design and control of DC transformer for overlay DC grids at Cardiff University (4 April 2018 – 3 April 2021).
Watch his work package 1 short video and read the work package reports.

Journal publications:
SiC-Based Improved Neutral Legs with Reduced Capacitors for Three-phase Four-wire EV Chargers, IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification 2021.
Hybrid Data-driven Modelling Methodology for Fast and Accurate Transient Simulation of SiC MOSFETs, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 2021.

Conference presentations and posters:
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition, virtual, Oct 2020.
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Lisbon, Oct 2019. 
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition, Baltimore, Oct 2019. 
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Washington DC, Oct 2018.
HVDC Colloquium, UPC, Barcelona, Sept 2018.

PowerPoint video presentations:
A Step-by-step Modelling Approach for SiC MOSFETs Half-bridge Modules Considering Temperature Characteristics (8 mins) Oct 2020.
A Step-by-step Modelling Approach for SiC MOSFETs Half-bridge Modules Considering Temperature Characteristics (4 mins) Oct 2020.

Policy related work:
China State Grid, Aug 2019.

Public work:
Virtual lecture to MSc students, Oct 2020.
European Researchers’ Night, international, Sept 2019.
Museum After Dark, Cardiff, Feb 2019.
European Researchers’ Night, Bristol, Sept 2018.
Eisteddfod festival, Cardiff, Aug 2018.
Secondary school, Figueres, May 2018.

Peng is a laboratory demonstrator for Dr Wenlong Ming‘s undergraduate course ‘Control Engineering’.  He helps Dr Ming amend the experiment manual, check the experiment platforms and answer student questions.  

Cinergia, Barcelona, winter 2021.
China Electric Power Research Institute (State Grid), Beijing, summer 2019.

Numerous webinars (2020/21); ACDC international conference, Coventry (2019);  Culham Centre for Fusion Energy visit (2019);  BIN@Porto (2018).  Network meetings: KU leuven (2021), Cinergia & UPC (2020), Cardiff University (2020), Elia (2019), DTU (2019), Uporto & Efacec (2018) and UPC (2018).  Cardiff University: Science Busking workshop (2019).  Xi’an Jiaotong University: PhD Asian School on Advanced Power Electronics (2019).  Tsinghua University: Prof Timothy Green lecture, Control & Power Electronics for Distribution Network (2019).  Imperial College London: IEEE Workshop on Representations of Power Electronics for Grid Dynamic Studies (2019).

I am from China and am one of the Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) working at Cardiff University.  I received my BEng and MsC degree in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University in China in 2015 and 2018 respectively. My Master thesis title was ‘Research on High Performance Control Methods of PMSM Based on SiC Motor Drive’.

My research interests include application of power electronic technology in renewable energy and electric motor drives, including the research of the converter topologies and control techniques.

I wanted to join the InnoDC project because it is a collaborative project in a network of universities and companies with expertise in offshore wind power generation and supply.  And the InnoDC project will address the technical challenges linked to developing offshore grids and hybrid AC/DC systems.  It is a great opportunity to receive wide-ranging technical and personal skills training and to communicate with a wide range of people.

My InnoDC project is ‘design and control of DC transformers for overlay DC grids’.  The objective is to investigate and propose DC transformers suitable for integration of offshore wind power into large DC grids and interconnection of DC grids with different voltage levels.  Design consideration includes voltage level, control strategy, power regulation and fault isolation ability.

My hobbies include reading, badminton and going to the gym.

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