Components of DC grids & wind farms

Work package 1: components of DC grids & wind farms.

Researchers: Peng YangDavide Pinzan, Daniel Westerman Spier, Stephen Hardy and Motaz Ayiad.

Work package reports:

2020 August: Report on the toolboxes and experimental validation of design, and models of DC transformer, EMS and SCADA (confidential pending public access confirmation).

2020 February: Toolboxes – general modelling method for power electronic converters, MMC control design and designing & analysing DC transformers (confidential).

2019 August: Methodology for reducing the weight & costs of the HV & MV equipment for connecting to AC & DC systems.

2019 February: Control, protection and fault management of DC-DC converters and MMCs.

2018 August: Evaluation of DC-DC converters, submarine cables and offshore substations.

Watch this short video to learn more about the work package:

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