Toshiba – Luis Orellana

Luis Orellana successfully completed his 3-month Toshiba secondment from January to April 2021. He was grateful to Dr Ziming Song, Toshiba’s HVDC Chief Specialist, for his guidance and for adapting the secondment to virtual due to Covid restrictions.

Luis extended the work he had been conducting at UPC on grid-following to grid-forming control schemes for grid-connected power converters. Grid-forming control has become a trending topic which addresses the low-inertia issue in electrical power systems caused by synchronous generation replacement and renewable energy integration. The secondment gave Luis the opportunity to look at this issue from the inside, by developing dynamic models with grid-forming control schemes and comparing them with his grid-following model. Toshiba provided real data, which allowed him to test the models.

It was an enriching experience, and he continues to work on the results, aiming to draw interesting conclusions in the near future.

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