CG – Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain conducted his first secondment at CG Holdings Belgium NV – Systems Division in spring / summer 2019. CG’s expertise is in design, engineering, commission and maintenance of substations, transformers, switchgear and transmission lines. His main aim during his visit was to obtain the ‘hard-to-find-in-literature’ answers to specific questions regarding practical aspects of the energization sequence of the HVDC-connected offshore wind power plant (WPP), to be able to refine his models and improve validated simulation results.

The knowledge he gained developed his understanding of existing challenges and feasible solutions, which helped him model the system more accurately, simplify certain aspects, and obtain additional motivational factors for his Phd project.

He was grateful to his CG supervisor, Kristof Van Brusselen for ensuring a smooth transition and a comfortable stay at CG, as well as Christoph Wijsen and Phong Nguyen for taking time to answer his questions on WPP blackstart & islanding capabilities. And he appreciated Stephen Hardy‘s company for their interesting & fun discussions, and help whenever he needed it.

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