2019 Oct – IEEE ECCE, Baltimore

The 11th IEEE ECCE 2019 was held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 29 September – 3 October. InnoDC’s Lead Scientist, Prof Jun Liang chaired the special session ‘SS12: the Trend, Requirement and Development of DC Technologies for Medium and Low Voltage DC Grids’. He presented an overview of DC technologies for medium & low voltage DC, and introduced UK MVDC & LVDC projects, such as the Angle DC project.   

Wei Liu presented his paper Level-shift Modulation and Control of a Dual H-bridge Current Flow Controller in Meshed HVDC systems, explained his research and answered audience questions. Peng Yang presented his paper Reduction of DC-link Ripples for SiC-based Three-phase Four-wire Inverters with Unbalanced Loads, then explained it in poster form.

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