Efacec – Wei Liu

Wei Liu began his secondment at EFACEC, Portugal, in January 2020. Emily Maggioli, Motaz Ayiad and he organised a meeting with Prof Helder Leite, Hugo Martins and Rui Dias Jorge in EFACEC’s Protection, Automation & Control (PAC) division. They agreed his work plan on distance protection under Rui’s supervision.

Unfortunately, the secondment was interrupted in March due to Covid-19. Nonetheless, Wei was particularly grateful for his visit and the valuable industrial experience, in that he:

  • Gained knowledge on protection relays produced by EFACEC. ­
  • Built simulation models on distance protection with the software PSCAD/EMTDC.
  • ­Conducted research on direct DC (direct current) protections. 

He aims to return to EFACEC in 2021 to meet Rui, so they can discuss his research progress.  

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