Meeting the public

The researchers enjoy delivering workshops, explaining their research to the public and asking them what they think.  They believe it is important to increase public knowledge and interest in renewable energy and its technology.

2021 Sept – European Researchers’ Night, Portuguese & Spanish islands
2021 March – Lecture, DC collection systems for offshore wind
2020 Nov – European Researchers’ Night, Cardiff
2020 Oct – InnoDC lecture to MSc students, Barcelona
2020 July – Presentation to High Voltage group, Cardiff
2019 Dec – Ninian Park Primary School Science Show, Cardiff University
2019 Sept – 33rd Science Projects Workshop, Future Classroom Lab, Brussels
2019 Sept – JJ School of Education, Farrukhnagar, India
2019 Sept – European Researchers’ Night, international
2019 Sept – 32nd Science Projects Workshop, Future Classroom Lab, Brussels
2019 July – Blade School, Cardiff
2019 May – Renewable energy demonstration to university students, Cardiff
2019 April – Secondary school high voltage workshop, Venice
2019 March – Community Centre Careers Day, Cardiff
2019 Feb – Museum After Dark, Cardiff
2019 Feb – ACDC tutorials, Coventry, UK
2018 Dec – Elia Initiative Fair, Brussels
2018 Sept – European Researchers’ Night, Bristol
2018 Aug – Eisteddfod, Cardiff
2018 May – Secondary school, Figueres, Catalonia

Read how InnoDC shares its research globally to as wide an audience as possible in European Energy Innovation Winter 2020.

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