UPC – Vaishally Bhardwaj

Vaishally Bhardwaj spent three months on secondment at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) during winter 2019/20, conducting research at its technology transfer centre CITCEA-UPC. The centre specialises in different domains, such as power systems, alternating/direct current (AC/DC) grids and renewable energies. It was the ideal platform to expand her knowledge and develop her research on reliable operation of hybrid AC/DC grids. The secondment enabled her to seek guidance from experts, Prof Oriol Gomis Bellmunt and Dr Eduardo Prieto Araujo, while conducting security-constrained optimal power flow studies, and obtaining insights into hybrid AC/DC grid test cases. Vaishally presented her work and organised a session on her optimisation model to the ACDC group and the Optimisation group. She learnt about ongoing research on HVDC and renewable energy, and was grateful to her supervisors and fellow researchers for their support and her comfortable stay.

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