3 x work packages & reports

1: Components of DC grids and wind farms. 
Researchers: Peng YangDavide Pinzan, Daniel Westerman Spier, Stephen Hardy and Motaz Ayiad.
They explain the work package in this short video.

WP1 reports:
Toolboxes – general modelling method for power electronic converters, MMC control design and designing & analysing DC transformers (confidential) – Feb 2020.
Methodology for reducing the weight & costs of the HV & MV equipment for connecting to AC & DC systems – Aug 2019.
Control, protection and fault management of DC-DC converters and MMCs – Feb 2019.
Evaluation of DC-DC converters, submarine cables and offshore substations – Aug 2018.

2: Connection of offshore wind farms. 
Researchers: Gayan Abeynayake, Luis Orellana, Jovana Dakic, Anup Kavimandan and Anubhav Jain
They explain the work package in this short video.

WP2 reports:
Control solutions for island operation and black start capabilities of OWPP – Feb 2020.
Optimal control, resonance mitigation and system configuration, tool for technical & economic analysis of different transmission technologies combined with different collection concepts – Aug 2019.
Algorithms on characterising analytically resonance frequencies & power management – Feb 2019 (link to follow on public access confirmation).
Review and evaluation of OWPP control systems, collection, transmission Aug 2018.

3: Hybrid AC/DC grid (interactions between AC and DC grids). 
Researchers: Wei Liu, Saman Dadjo Tavakoli, Emily Maggioli, Vaishally Bhardwaj and Nathalia Campos
They explain the work package in this short video.

WP3 reports:
Protection of hybrid AC/DC grids grids: feasible and implementable approaches – Feb 2020.
Mathematical framework for converter interaction modelling – Aug 2019.
Dynamic converter interactions and different software – Feb 2019.
Review and evaluationof DCand AC grid operation and interaction – Aug 2018.

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