3 x work packages

1: Components of DC grids and wind farms  
Researchers: Peng YangDavide Pinzan, Daniel Westerman Spier, Stephen Hardy and Motaz Ayiad
Reports: Work package 1.

2: Connection of offshore wind farms  
Researchers: Gayan Abeynayake, Luis Orellana, Jovana Dakic and Anubhav Jain.  
Reports: Work package 2.

3: Hybrid AC/DC grid (interactions between AC and DC grids)  
Researchers: Wei Liu, Saman Dadjo Tavakoli, Emily Maggioli, Vaishally Bhardwaj and Nathalia Campos.
Reports: Work package 3.

Anubhav Jain illustrated the researchers’ work areas by their initials and work package colour below.

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