2020 Oct – Offshore & Floating Wind conference

The researchers attended Reuters’ Offshore & Floating Wind Europe conference and exhibition, which presented fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind developments and challenges.

Motaz Ayiad focused on the technical and engineering sessions, such as the case study presented by RWE Renewables and the demonstration on NarrativeWave automation solution. He realised the amount of investment in floating wind technology was high, with numerous contributors. Some of the developers were still in prototype stage, but had precise forecasting for mass installations by 2030. The conference was fertile ground for his and his colleagues’ expertise, and gave him hope in terms of future job-searches.

Gayan Abeynayake found it particularly helpful in that he gained an insight into what is happening in the ‘real world’. He had useful discussions with representatives through the online network, including with Welsh Government’s International Relations & Trade Department Officer. He took part in conversations with 31 people about offshore wind power. Some were from Bloomberg NFE, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, CHUBU Electric Power CoInc, Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables, Principle Power Inc and reNEWS (who offered him 3 months full subscription). He enjoyed talking to an MSc student from University of Strathclyde who wanted to learn about InnoDC and advice on pursuing a PhD.

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