2018 Sept – European Researchers’ Night

InnoDC Cardiff researchers and the Project Manager, Manon Davies, were excited to take part in European Researchers’ Night, Bristol.  The European Commission science event takes place in numerous cities across Europe on the same day, promoting science research.

Davide Pinzan explained wind-turbine connections to school children at science museum, We the Curious.  One girl told him after her chat with him that she had wanted to study space in the future, but may now change to wind energy.  One boy said he had not known before what wind turbines were for, so he was grateful to Davide for his explanation.

Gayan Abeynayake, Wei Liu and Peng Yang attended ‘Heritage of the Future’ at Bristol art centre the Island, where they contributed wind turbine models and a handmade electric motor to demonstrate energy conversion.  Visitors included artists who discussed the link between science, art and politics, and how these affect every day life.

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