2021 March – Network meeting, KU Leuven

KU Leuven hosted InnoDC’s spring 2021 virtual network meeting. Belgium-based researchers, Vaishally Bhardwaj and Stephen Hardy co-managed the week’s schedule, which involved a mix of workshops, lectures and discussions.

Public lecture:
Prof Jun Liang of Cardiff University: DC Collection System for Offshore Wind. Read the slides and watch the video here.

Stefan Wellens, careers coach, KU Leuven: Discover your Career Profile.
Stijn Hendrix, Enersynt Director: Entrepreneurship, International Company vs Small Start-up.
Rudi Cuyvers, Head of Spin-off & Innovation unit, KU Leuven: Innovation & Spin-off companies.

Life after MEDOW:
The MEDOW project is the precursor to InnoDC. Its former researchers, Tibin Joseph (Catapult), Agustì Egea Alvarez (University of Strathclyde), Gen Li (Cardiff University; he designed the InnoDC logo), Jorge Gonçalves (Amantys), Marc Cheah Mañe (UPC) and Alejandro Bayo Salas (Vestas) shared their experiences in academia & industry, and post-MEDOW career.

Virtual visits:
ParkWind: Electrical package engineer, Paula Souto of offshore wind developer, ParkWind, took viewers on an offshore platform tour. She explained the process from construction to installation and operation, and answered questions alongside ParkWind’s Kristof van Brusselen.

ITER: The international nuclear fusion project designed an in-depth presentation and virtual tour for InnoDC.

Discussion and debate with policymakers:
Interview with European Commission Energy Director and panel discussions with policymakers. Read more here.

Committee meeting:
Vaishally and Stephen set up the committee meeting, and represented all the InnoDC researchers.

Work package updates:
Jovana Dakic, Stephen Hardy and Vaishally Bhardwaj chaired the three-hour research update session. They ensured all speakers kept to time, co-ordinated questions & answers and monitored the chat column. See the presentation topics below.

Work package 1: Components of DC grids and wind farms
Peng Yang – ‘Hybrid Data-driven Modelling Methodology for Fast and Accurate Transient Simulation of SiC MOSFETs’ (pre-published confidential).
Davide Pinzan – ‘HVDC Flashover of Heavily Polluted Composite Insulators ‘(pre-published confidential).
Daniel Westerman Spier – ‘Past, On-going and Future Activities’ (pre-published confidential).
Stephen Hardy – ‘Cost Effective Solutions for Offshore Transmission’ (pre-published confidential).
Motaz Ayiad – video below [correction at 8:15 (slide 23), bus number 2 (not 4)] & PDF ‘Enhancement to SCADA/EMS for hybrid AC/DC networks’.

Work package 2: Connection of offshore wind farms
Luis Orellana – ‘Development of Tools for the Analysis of the Stability of Offshore AC Grids and Grids Rich in Power Electronic Converters’ (pre-published confidential).
Jovana Dakic – ‘Tools for Analysis of Novel Concepts of Transmission Systems for Offshore Wind Power Plants’ (pre-published confidential).
Gayan Abeynayake – video below & PDF ‘DC Collection Systems for Offshore Wind Power Plants: A Holistic Reliability Approach’.
Anubhav Jain – video below & PDF ‘Blackstart & Islanding capabilities of Offshore Wind Power Plants’.

Work package 3: Hybrid AC/DC grid
Wei Liu – ‘UK’s First MVDC Link Converted from AC to DC – Angle-DC Project’ (pre-published confidential).
Saman Dadjo Tavakoli – ‘Fault Ride Through Control in MMC-based HVDC Systems’ (pre-published confidential).
Emily Maggioli – ‘AC/DC Interactions with Focus on Power System Protection Performance’ (pre-published confidential).
Vaishally Bhardwaj – ‘Reliable Operation of Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems in Different Time Frames under Uncertainty’ (pre-published confidential).

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