2018 Aug – Eisteddfod Cardiff

InnoDC attended the Eisteddfod 2018 festival and chatted to visitors about wind energy and how wind-turbines connect to electric grids.  Davide Pinzan and Peng Yang practised their new Welsh-language skills, while demonstrating do-it-yourself mini-turbines; visitors then voted for their favourite pylon!  The public took away InnoDC postcards to guess the 16 flags that represented the partners’ and researchers’ countries.  Over a 100 visitors attended the stand.  Peng and Davide answered questions and discussed comments, which included:

“What are the sticky out bits?”, “How deep are the foundations?”, “Why are they not underground?”, “Which are the most cost-effective?” and “Scientists do not consider that the public has to look at them.”

“There are too many”, “They are majestic and beautiful”, “This type of energy is the future”, “What material are they made from?”, “Do many turbines in the sea affect how wind reaches the shore?” and “I love them.  I wake up every morning and see them from my bedroom window.”

Do-it-yourself wind-mills:
“Wow, we can make these at home!”, “Is that a fidget spinner on a loo roll turning in the wind?” and “The children said they would be bored here, but this is the 1st stand we have come to and they are hooked!”

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