2018 Dec – From Figueres to Porto, via Stockholm

The InnoDC researchers have been out and about.  Here are some of the places their research has taken them to over the last few months.

DTU Denmark researcher Anubhav Jain published a paper summarising his findings on ‘Control Solutions for Blackstart Capability and Islanding Operation of Offshore Wind Power Plants’.  He took his poster to Stockholm to present at the International Wind Integration Workshop.

The researchers, supervisors and visiting scientists met in Porto for a week of workshops and talks – including presentations from Toshiba, R&D Nester, Efacec and Vestas.  Efacec and Uporto hosted the meeting, which coincided perfectly with the BIN@Porto conference, providing more workshops, talks and exhibitions.  A professional camera-man filmed the researchers summarising their projects in just 1 minute each!  Videos to follow…

In our last email we mentioned that we’d visited a school in Figueres as part of our UPC Barcelona meetingCG Belgium researcher Stephen Hardy  brought along mini-turbines that he’d rustled up in his hotel room.  The result:  a fun, useful and memorable experiment.  The pupils now know the difference between horizontal axis ‘lift’ based turbines and vertical axis ‘drag’ turbines.  If you want to know too, read his explanation.

We’ll update you on the researchers’ work in 2019.

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