2021 Feb – Transmission efficiency & recruitment opportunity

InnoDC has published more research into transmission efficiency, and project partner Enersynt is recruiting electrical engineers.  See below for details.  

HVAC Transmission System for Offshore Wind Power Plants including Mid-cable Reactive Power Compensation: Optimal design and comparison to VSC-HVDC transmission.  IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.
Authors: Jovana Dakic, Marc Cheah-Mane, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt and Eduardo Prieto Araujo

Offshore wind energy is a key factor in reaching the European Union’s net zero carbon goal. Therefore, the power produced needs to be transmitted to shore in the cheapest, most secure and effective way. Jovana Dakic of UPC looks at different transmission systems (AC and DC) where the aim is to reduce power loss and cost simultaneously, to achieve the best design.

Reliability and Cost-oriented Analysis, Comparison and Selection of Multi-level MVdc Converters.  IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. 
Authors: Gayan Abeynayake, Gen Li, Tibin Joseph, Jun Liang and Wenlong Ming

Medium voltage direct current (MVdc) technology has recently become an attractive option in power transmission. An MVdc network acts as a layer between alternating current (ac) transmission and distribution networks, enhancing efficiency and transfer. However, it is important to select a suitable power electronic converter topology (layout). Gayan Abeynayake’s paper proposes a guideline to select the best Multi-level MVdc VSC topology at various power and dc voltage levels.

InnoDC’s Belgian-based partner, Enersynt, is looking for electrical engineers.

If you are interested, or know someone who may be, read the job description: Enersynt – Electrical Engineer Job Description.  Applications to jobs@enersynt.com.

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